# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
343 sing along to sing together, to sing together as a group śpiewać wspólnie
  • Sing along, Luis, sing along!
344 show out to lead someone politely to the door to show the way out of somewhere odprowadzać do drzwi
  • While I was showing the guests out, Luis called someone.
347 show around to show a place to somebody, to make a tour around a place so that someone can see what it looks like oprowadzać, pokazywać komuś miejsce
  • Could you show Mrs Magdalena round the flat?
362 switch to change, change from something to something zmieniać, przełączać
  • Magdalena easily switched to Polish when Adam approached us.
368 set forth to present, to state an opinion prezentować, przedstawiać, wyliczać
  • Mr McGregor set forth his opinion very clearly.