# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
294 take after resemble, favor in appearance być podobnym
  • Mark takes after his father, he's very tall.
295 take away remove from a certain place zabierać, odbierać
  • Ann took away a knife from her child.
296 take back return oddawać, zwracać
  • Mark took his new trousers back as he discovered a flaw on them.
297 take back to return something to accept something back to repeat something in order to pracise it to make one's words not valid cofać
  • I admit that I was wrong about Ann. I take back everything I said about her.
298 take in to deceive, to cheat, to deceive someone, to cheat someone nabierać
  • He was taken in by his lofty promises.
299 take off depart wystartować
  • The plane took off on time.
300 take off remove, remove something you're wearing zdejmować, ściągać
  • Take your coat off.
301 take off imitate, imitate, imitate (informal) naśladować, parodiować, parodiować (potocznie)
  • He is really good at taking his teacher off.
302 take out to produce something from a place to remove something such as stain usuwać
  • Took the splinter out.
303 take over gain control of something from someone else, gain control of situation from someone else, to assume responsibility for something from someone else, to assume responsibility for situation from someone else, to assume control of something from someone else, przejmować obowiązki
  • If the President is assassinated, the Vice-president will take over.
304 take to make a habit of something polubić
  • I took to him immediately.
305 take up begin, begin a hobby, begin a leisure-time activity brać, zabierać się za coś
  • Ann's taken up basketball recently.
306 tell apart to see a difference between two things odróżnić
  • Can you tell the twins apart?
307 tell off to reprimand opierniczyć
  • Ann told me off when she found out I was gossiping about her date with Martin.
308 throw away discard, put in the garbage wyrzucać
  • When will you finally throw away this old sweater?