# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
314 turn off stop by turning a handle, stop by turning a switch wyłączać
  • Turn off the TV please, I'd like to read.
315 turn on start by turning a handle, start by turning a switch włączać
  • Turn on the radio, the game starts in few minutes.
316 turn out to be found to be okazać się
  • It turned out that we've bought the same white trousers.
317 turn to seek help from zwracać się z prośbą
  • She turned to the judge to postpone the date of the trial.
318 turn up appear unexpectedly pojawić się, znaleźć się
  • She disappeared as quick as she had turned up.
327 top up to fill, to make full again uzupełniać, dolewać do pełna
  • Adam topped up the glasses with beer.
328 throw over to leave, to quit porzucać, rzucać
  • Adam still can't believe Magdalena threw him over.
329 talk into to persuade someone to do something namówić kogoś na coś
  • We talked Adam into joining us.
373 try out to try how sth works próbować, wypróbowywać
  • Magdalena can't wait to try out her new album.
409 throw up vomit wymiotować
  • Adam was so nervous about his job interview that he threw up just before he left for it.