# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
415 turn over rotate, cycle kręcić się, przekręcić
  • The engine of Magdalena's car turned over but wouldn't start.
432 throw off to cast away an illness which is not serious pozbyć się
  • It took me 2 weeks to throw off that flu.
464 throw out discard, put in the garbage wyrzucić do śmieci
  • This eggs smells bad. You'd better throw it out.
479 turn away send away, dismiss odesłać, zwolnić
  • The company owner turned away the half of crew.
492 take care provide care for, watch one opiekować się kimś, troszczyć się
  • Below I have listed some useful tips to take care of yourself during pregnancy.
497 tick away to pass, to pass of time mijać, tykać, tykać - czas
  • Time is ticking away.
504 turn in report or deliver wrongdoers to the authorities poddać się, oddać się w ręce prawa
  • Two weeks after the robbery, the thieves turned themselves in to police.
519 tick off irritate someone, make someone upset or angry denerwować
  • It really ticks me off when someone is late for an appointment.
628 toil away to work very hard mozolić się, harować
  • Somewhere in Japan teams of engineers were toiling away at what they thought people wanted in a digital video.
667 talk back to answer, usually rudely odpowiadać
  • Never talk back to your Boss.