# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
672 twinkle with to shine brightly because of small lights or because of a feeling błyszczeć, być rozświetlonym, promienieć, jaśnieć z radości
  • His eyes twinkled with soft wonder as he spoke with her.
675 think back to remember, to recall przypominać sobie
  • When I think back to my childhood, I'm just glad that I'm not there anymore.
713 take on to accept,e.g. responsibility, work to employ wziąć na siebie, wziąć na siebie odpowiedzialność, zatrudniać
  • It's a command and a requirement that you must take on now!
718 track up to make the floor dirty by walking zabrudzić podłogę, zabrudzić podłogę - butami, zadeptać
  • I would have tracked up the floor again.
719 track in to bring mud, snow, etc. on ones shoes indoors nanieść błota, zabłocić
  • One of the house droids immediately began to clean the water and mud they tracked in, but Anakin paid them no attention.
725 talk away to speak without an end, to spend time talking mówić bez końca
  • Yesterday we talked the whole night away.
726 talk out to discuss sth thoroughly omówić coś dokładnie
  • We've got to talk the points out.
727 talk over to discuss a matter at length omówić coś, omówić coś z kimś
  • We have to talk it over.
737 tell on to say something about someone who did something wrong donieść, donieść na kogoś
  • The pupil told on the others for cheating and the teacher failed them.
744 think ahead to think about the future rozważać przyszłość, planować
  • She is smart and intuitive and she always thinks ahead.