# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
787 thumb through to turn pages quickly kartkować, kartkować książkę
  • She thumbed the book through and finally found his photos.
809 touch off to move, to start wywołać, poruszyć
  • His decision touched off a new round of speculation.
812 twist around  to make round, to make seem the opposite zakręcać, kręcić
  • Don't twist my words.
856 tack on  to add something that wasn dodać coś, dodać coś na końcu
  • At the end of his speech, Mark tacked on some jokes.
866 trace back to get to know the origins prześledzić coś wstecz, prześledzić coś wstecz historię, odtwarzać genealogię, odtwarzać historię
  • This question isn't simple to answer, but coffee does have its own history and origins that can be used to make it easier to trace back the origins of coffee.
882 thaw out to get warm after getting cold odmarzać, tajać
  • Is there any way I can safely thaw out chicken fast?
893 totter along to walk weakly or unsteadily pokuśtykać
  • He tottered along to the bus station.
972 tussle with to try to understand, solve or deal with an idea zmagać się z, zmagać się z myślą, zmagać się z koncepcją
  • Ann's been tussling with this idea for some time.