# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
672 twinkle with to shine brightly because of small lights or because of a feeling błyszczeć, być rozświetlonym, promienieć, jaśnieć z radości
  • His eyes twinkled with soft wonder as he spoke with her.
675 think back to remember, to recall przypominać sobie
  • When I think back to my childhood, I'm just glad that I'm not there anymore.
713 take on to accept,e.g. responsibility, work to employ wziąć na siebie, wziąć na siebie odpowiedzialność, zatrudniać
  • It's a command and a requirement that you must take on now!
718 track up to make the floor dirty by walking zabrudzić podłogę, zabrudzić podłogę - butami, zadeptać
  • I would have tracked up the floor again.
719 track in to bring mud, snow, etc. on ones shoes indoors nanieść błota, zabłocić
  • One of the house droids immediately began to clean the water and mud they tracked in, but Anakin paid them no attention.