# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
319 wake up stop sleeping obudzić się
  • She woke up too late and had to leave without breakfast.
320 wash up to wash dishes after a meal zmywać
  • You will wash up after this party.
321 watch out be careful of, beware of uważać
  • Watch out - there's a big dog!
322 wind down relax rozluźnić się, zrelaksować
  • I like to wind down watching movies with my friends.
323 write down record something in writing zapisywać
  • Write down the directions so you don't forget them.
326 wear through to make a hole in an item of clothes by wearing it przetrzeć, zrobić dziury w noszonym ubraniu
  • Adam's t-shirt have been worn through.
369 wink at to pretend not to see something wrong przymykać na coś oko, udawać, źe się czegoś nie dostrzega
  • Ms. McGregor seems to wink at her son's behaviour.
379 wink back to return a wink as a greeting odmrugnąć, odmrugnąć do kogoś
  • Magdalena winked back at Adam, who was really happy.
455 write up record, report in writing napisać sprawozdanie
  • This page contains links to material that should help you write up laboratory reports, dissertations and theses.
481 wear down to make somebody weaker or tired wycieńczyć, ściąć z nóg
  • When I'm worn down, I take a nap.