# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
319 wake up stop sleeping obudzić się
  • She woke up too late and had to leave without breakfast.
320 wash up to wash dishes after a meal zmywać
  • You will wash up after this party.
321 watch out be careful of, beware of uważać
  • Watch out - there's a big dog!
322 wind down relax rozluźnić się, zrelaksować
  • I like to wind down watching movies with my friends.
323 write down record something in writing zapisywać
  • Write down the directions so you don't forget them.
326 wear through to make a hole in an item of clothes by wearing it przetrzeć, zrobić dziury w noszonym ubraniu
  • Adam's t-shirt have been worn through.
369 wink at to pretend not to see something wrong przymykać na coś oko, udawać, źe się czegoś nie dostrzega
  • Ms. McGregor seems to wink at her son's behaviour.
379 wink back to return a wink as a greeting odmrugnąć, odmrugnąć do kogoś
  • Magdalena winked back at Adam, who was really happy.
455 write up record, report in writing napisać sprawozdanie
  • This page contains links to material that should help you write up laboratory reports, dissertations and theses.
481 wear down to make somebody weaker or tired wycieńczyć, ściąć z nóg
  • When I'm worn down, I take a nap.
483 work up to make upset or angry zdenerwować, zirytować, rozłościć
  • He got all worked up about that news.
484 wait up stop or pause so that another can catch up zatrzymać się, aby pozostali mogli nadgonić
  • Let's wait up for the others.
496 wait out delay until the termination przeczekać
  • We have to wait out the war in Libia.
505 wrap up wear enough clothes to keep warm ubrać się ciepło
  • Please wrap up when you leave the house. It's really cold.
573 waffle over to consider and reconsider an issue, to hesitate, to be in two minds about sth zastanawiać się nad czymś bardzo długo, wahać się, nie móc się zdecydować
  • Instead of waffling over this issue Adam should finally start acting.