# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
451 face up admit to, take responsibility for stawić czoła
  • Renewable energy projects face up to financial uncertainty.
457 give over devote to a particular purpose or use pościęcić się całkowicie jakiemuś celowi
  • Adam gave the day over to organising Jen's birthday party.
592 go through with to finish something, to succeed in doing sth dobrnąć do końca, uporać się z
  • I've finally gone through with that task.
366 grow on to become more appreciated, to become more appreciated (informal) stawać się bardziej lubianym, stawać się bardziej lubianym (potocznie)
  • The more I listen to the DVD you lent me, the more it grows on me.
521 let on to tell a secret zdradzić sekret, wygadać się
  • Nobody let on about the surprise party.