# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
515 let off to not punish, or not punish severely darować komuś, potraktować kogoś łagodnie
  • He was let off for what he did to me.
678 make off to hurry, to escape wyruszać, uciekać, spieszyć się do wyjścia
  • I think we should make off before they come back.
685 play up to behave in a wrong way to work unproperly or stop working rozrabiać, źle się zachowywać, nawalać, psuć się
  • If Magdalena begins to play up again, tell her she's not going to the playground tomorrow.
516 rip off cheat, take advantage of, charge too much zdzierać, żądać za dużo pieniędzy
  • They are solid companies, won't rip you off, have great offers, and are willing to work.
721 see about to ask about something, to make arrangements dowiadywać się, pytać, umawiać się
  • Excuse me, I must see about the arrangements for lunch.