# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
525 get rid dispose of, give away or throw away pozbyć się czegoś, wyrzucić na śmieci
  • How to get rid of problems?
593 go about to start dealing with, to start dealing with something zabrać się za coś
  • How am I supposed to go about this job?
518 set about to start doing something zabierać się do robienia czegoś
  • I set about cleaning my car.
421 add up to total wynosić, opiewać na
  • The bills add up to $100.00. That's less than I expected!
425 back down not follow a threat zrezygnować, wycofać się
  • Adam was going to call the police when I told him I'd wrecked his car, but he backed down when I said I'd pay for the damage.