# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
316 turn out to be found to be okazać się
  • It turned out that we've bought the same white trousers.
317 turn to seek help from zwracać się z prośbą
  • She turned to the judge to postpone the date of the trial.
318 turn up appear unexpectedly pojawić się, znaleźć się
  • She disappeared as quick as she had turned up.
322 wind down relax rozluźnić się, zrelaksować
  • I like to wind down watching movies with my friends.
1014 dig into reach inside to get something zagłębić się w czymś
  • He dig into his bag and pulled out a bunch of keys.
  • Digging into why the test results were so dramatic, we learned that there’s some really interesting science at play here.