# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
96 get away to remain unpunished for something one committed uchodzić na sucho
  • Thieves got away with two Picassos, which were never found.
118 give away tell a secret, tell a secret often unintentionally zdradzać
  • She's so self-controlled that she never gives her true feelings away.
158 hold up to delay opóźniać
  • The flight to New York was held up due to bad weather conditions.
515 let off to not punish, or not punish severely darować komuś, potraktować kogoś łagodnie
  • He was let off for what he did to me.
678 make off to hurry, to escape wyruszać, uciekać, spieszyć się do wyjścia
  • I think we should make off before they come back.