# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
85 feel for you have sympathy for them or feel sad because they are suffering współczuć
  • I feel for kids who are homeless.
93 frolic about fool wygłupiać się, bawić
  • He loves frolicking around with his dogs.
637 kick back to kick someone who kicked one before to kick a ball to someone who kicked it before oddać komuś kopniaka, kopnąć coś z powrotem do kogoś
  • If the horse does kicks you kick him back, but only the instant it happens.
537 loom ahead to appear, to appoach in a threatening way nadciągać, zbliżać się, zbliżać się o czymś negatywnym
  • Difficult weeks are looming ahead.
222 piss off to make or become angry wkurzać
  • He was absolutely pissed off with his behaviour.