# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
236 put down to to explain something as being caused by something else złożyć na karb czegoś
  • He was unbearable yesterday but we put it down to the problems he has in his marriage.
239 put off postpone, delay, avoid odstręczać, zniechęcać
  • Oh yeah, he is handsome but his manners put me off!
246 reduce to to force someone into a worse condition than usual sprowadzać, doprowadzać do
  • Ann's cries reduced him to silence.
250 remind of to link, to associate przypominać, kojarzyć
  • He reminds me of a boy I knew years ago.
279 splash out spend a lot of money on something that is not essential szarpnąć się, zaszaleć
  • He needed some entertainment so decided to splash out in the city centre.