# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
733 babble out to spill the beans, to tell a secret hastily, to speak quickly and not clearly paplać, wypaplać
  • He'll babble out anything you tell his.
667 talk back to answer, usually rudely odpowiadać
  • Never talk back to your Boss.
726 talk out to discuss sth thoroughly omówić coś dokładnie
  • We've got to talk the points out.
727 talk over to discuss a matter at length omówić coś, omówić coś z kimś
  • We have to talk it over.
354 chat up to talk to someone in order to make friends with, usually about men trying to make friends with women zagadywać, zagadywać kogoś, podrywać zagadując
  • Magdalena was sorry to see her husband chatting up young women.