# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
357 gabble away to talk quickly about unimportant things paplać, trajkotać
  • Magdalena's been gabbling away with her friends all day.
388 ramble on to talk or write in an awkward chaotic style without communicating much mówić lub pisać w sposób chaotyczny, rozwlekle, nie na temat
  • Magdalena tends to ramble on so I don't like talking to her.
546 chat up  to talk to someone in order to make friends with, to talk to someone in order to make friends with - usually about men trying to make friends with women zagadywać, zagadywać kogoś, podrywać zagadując
  • Magdalena was sorry to see her husband chatting up young women.
791 bluff into to talk someone into something by pretending nabierać
  • Wagner is bluffed into believing it's all his fault and helps take the body down to the alley.
131 go on to continue kontynuować, trwać
  • Please go on writing.