# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
329 talk into to persuade someone to do something namówić kogoś na coś
  • We talked Adam into joining us.
606 drone on to talk at length in a boring way mówić długo i monotonnie, przynudzać
  • The teacher droning on and on.
660 jaw at to scold someone, to drone on zrugać, zbesztać, truć, mówić
  • The drivers jawed at each other in the rush-hour traffic.
545 blurt out to say something without thinking, eg. a secret wygadać się, wypaplać
  • Magdalena blurted out the secret and the whole plan failed.
374 gasp out to say something while one is having difficulties in breathing wysapać, wydyszeć
  • Magdalena gasped out something I couldn't understand.