# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
595 blunder out to say something stupid palnąć coś bezmyślnie
  • You know how I feel about what I blundered out to Magdalena.
611 sob out to say while sobbing powiedzieć przez łzy, opowiedzieć łkając
  • She sobbed and cried out loneliness.
680 gabble out to say something not clearly, as iif in a hurry powiedzieć coś pospiesznie i niewyraźnie, bełkotać
  • He gabbled the poem out so I couldn't make head or tail of it.
728 cough out to say something unwillingly, to confess something after being persuaded to do so powiedzieć coś niechętnie, po namowach, wydusić coś z siebie
  • When she finally coughed it out 12 years later it was covered by tissue that had grown over it.
737 tell on to say something about someone who did something wrong donieść, donieść na kogoś
  • The pupil told on the others for cheating and the teacher failed them.