# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
29 butt in impolitely interrupt, impolitely interrupt a conversation, impolitely interrupt an action wtrącać się, mieszać do czegoś
  • She got mad as he butted in once again with his stupid remarks.
149 hang up end a phone conversation by replacing the receiver odkładać słuchawkę
  • She was so annoying that I just hung up.
443 jump in interrupt, enter conversation dołączyć do dyskusji, przerwać komuś
  • Adam jumped in and explained them the problem with hools.
799 shut up to close to become quiet zamykać, zamknąć się
  • Why don't you shut up?
427 chew out scold someone severely, berate pokrzyczeć kogoś, zganić za coś
  • Adam's father was really angry when Adam didn't come home until 6:00 AM. He chewed Tom out and then said Tom had to stay at home for two days.