# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
571 communicate about to talk about, to inform in an effective way porozumiewać się na temat
  • They were unable to communicate about such basic topic.
606 drone on to talk at length in a boring way mówić długo i monotonnie, przynudzać
  • The teacher droning on and on.
620 haggle over to argue, to try to achieve sth by talking spierać się, targować
  • When buying a property it pays to haggle over the price, even if you think it's a bargain.
668 snarl at to make a threatening noise of a dog to talk to someone in a rude way warczeć, burczeć, odburknąć
  • Why does my dog snarl at me?
767 harp on to talk in a boring way, repating the same old story again and again nudzić, ględzić
  • At what point should a government stop harping on about the mistakes of their predecessors?