# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
253 ring back to make a telephone call to someone who called you beforehand zadzwonić ponownie
  • He can't talk at the moment, can you ring back later?
254 ring up to call someone on the telephone dzwonić, telefonować
  • Ring me up in the afternoon.
277 speak for to speak as a representative of, to speak as a representative of other people mówić za kogoś
  • I can speak for myself.
297 take back to return something to accept something back to repeat something in order to pracise it to make one's words not valid cofać
  • I admit that I was wrong about Ann. I take back everything I said about her.
301 take off imitate, imitate, imitate (informal) naśladować, parodiować, parodiować (potocznie)
  • He is really good at taking his teacher off.