# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
186 look down hold in contempt, regard as inferior pogardzać, parzeć z góry
  • He looks down on people of lower financial status than his.
341 look down on to have a bad opinion of sth or someone, to despise to disapprove of patrzeć z góry, patrzeć z wyższością
  • The whole class look down on Adam, which makes him feel really upset.
204 mess with become involved in something damaging or dangerous zadzierać z kimś
  • Do not mess with her ! She is eager to solve problems with her fists.
249 rely on to count on, to bank on to be able to obtain sth such as help or reliable information from polegać na
  • Most charities rely on people to give donations.
269 show off to display something you are proud of popisywać się, przechwalać się
  • The main reason they formed the band was to show off in front of the girls at school.