# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
374 gasp out to say something while one is having difficulties in breathing wysapać, wydyszeć
  • Magdalena gasped out something I couldn't understand.
375 learn from to gain knowledge from a source, such as printed material or other people to gain knowledge or wisdom because of something uczyć się z, uczyć się od, uczyć się na
  • Magdalena has learned nothing from her last mistake.
376 partake in to participate in brać udział w, uczestniczyć
  • Magdalena and Janine are going to partake in the championship.
377 get along with to get on well with someone, to have a good relationship być z kimś w dobrych stosunkach
  • Magdalena gets along with the rest of the class.
378 storm in to come in in an angry way wejść z wściekłością, wparować
  • Magdalena stormed in and began to shout at Adam.