# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
334 sink in to invest to gain profit, to invest usually money to gain profit zainwestować
  • Adam sank all his money in that small business.
335 study under to be somebody uczyć się, studiować pod czyimś kierunkiem, uczyć się u kogoś
  • Adam was proud to study under this famous professor.
336 be down with to come down with być chorym
  • Adam was down with flu last week, so he couldn't help me.
337 double for to stand in for, to replace somebody zastępować, zastępować kogoś
  • Who is going to double for Adam Reynolds? He is on a doctor's leave.
338 swipe at to try to hit something zamachnąć się
  • Adam swiped at Luis, but he succeeded in getting off the attacker's way.