# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
353 cast out to make someone go away, to not accept somebody wygnać, wypędzić
  • Magdalena was actually cast out by the rest of her family.
354 chat up to talk to someone in order to make friends with, usually about men trying to make friends with women zagadywać, zagadywać kogoś, podrywać zagadując
  • Magdalena was sorry to see her husband chatting up young women.
355 come over to come at a spot, to arrive przychodzić, przybywać, podchodzić
  • Magdalena came over to support us.
356 eye up to look at someone as if to assess their looks to leer taksować wzrokiem
  • Luis eyed the other man up because he was behaving suspiciously.
357 gabble away to talk quickly about unimportant things paplać, trajkotać
  • Magdalena's been gabbling away with her friends all day.