# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
364 hear through to hear sth from the beginning to the end wysłuchać w całości
  • My father insisted that I hear the DVD through.
365 jam with to pack things tightly to fill the room with people, to pack things tightly to fill the room with things upychać, pakować, utykać, napychać
  • The shelves were jammed with books and DVDs.
366 grow on to become more appreciated, to become more appreciated (informal) stawać się bardziej lubianym, stawać się bardziej lubianym (potocznie)
  • The more I listen to the DVD you lent me, the more it grows on me.
367 interchange with to be put in place of something else wymieniać, zamieniać się między sobą, zmieniać na
  • You can interchange the pink trousers with the green ones.
368 set forth to present, to state an opinion prezentować, przedstawiać, wyliczać
  • Mr McGregor set forth his opinion very clearly.