# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
789 call round to pay an informal visit wpaść z wizytą
  • We decided to call round at her sister's in the morning.
794 dally over to waste one, to waste one (informal) marudzić, zwlekać, przeciągać, przeciągać (potocznie)
  • If you dally over your dinner like that we're all going to be late.
815 hash up to chop up meat to spoil something, fail to do something, fail to do something (informal) siekać, siekać mięso, schrzanić coś, schrzanić coś (potocznie)
  • Now, hash the onion and garlic up and put it in the skillet.
824 fess up  to admit that you have done something wrong, to admit that you have done something wrong (informal) przyznawać się, przyznawać się (potocznie)
  • Fess up or we'll all be caught.
832 pitch out to make someone leave, to make someone leave - usually by forcing them to do so (informal) wyrzucać, wywalać, wywalać kogoś, wywalać kogoś (potocznie)
  • He was pitched out of office last year after a series of blunders.