# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
217 pick out choose, select wybrać
  • We spent hours looking for presents and finally picked out some DVDs.
1005 shop around to shop at different stores to find what you want at the best price chodzić po sklepach
  • You can find a bargain, but you'll have to shop around.
1006 shell out to spend a certain amount of money wysupłać, wyrzucić, wydać pieniądze
  • I'm not going to shell out $100 for that!
1007 sell off to get rid of by selling, often at reduced prices wyprzedawać, wyprzedać, sprzedawać na wyprzedaży
  • We are going to sell off this collection.
183 look around to look about rozglądać się
  • I went in and looked around.