# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
279 splash out spend a lot of money on something that is not essential szarpnąć się, zaszaleć
  • He needed some entertainment so decided to splash out in the city centre.
1008 bring in to produce, yield, earn profits, earn income, to generate money przynosić zysk, dawać zysk, wprowadzić
  • Tourism is a big industry, bringing in 2.7 billion pounds a year.
1009 queue up to line up for something stawać w ogonku kolejki
  • I hate queuing up, it's lose of time.
1010 fork out to pay money, to pay goods, to spend a lot of money on something wyrzucać w błoto, wyrzucać na coś czego nie chcemy a musimy
  • I had to fork out 200 USD on my bike when I had it serviced.