# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
324 parcel out to divide, to divide a land into small pieces rozparcelować
  • Adam's grandfather's land was parcelled out among his children.
325 lurch along to walk unstaedily zataczać się, iść chwiejnym krokiem
  • I saw Adam lurching along in the street yesterday.
326 wear through to make a hole in an item of clothes by wearing it przetrzeć, zrobić dziury w noszonym ubraniu
  • Adam's t-shirt have been worn through.
327 top up to fill, to make full again uzupełniać, dolewać do pełna
  • Adam topped up the glasses with beer.
328 throw over to leave, to quit porzucać, rzucać
  • Adam still can't believe Magdalena threw him over.