# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
329 talk into to persuade someone to do something namówić kogoś na coś
  • We talked Adam into joining us.
330 skate round not to deal seriously with something prześlizgiwać sić po czymś, omijać temat
  • Adam only skated round the topic.
331 drink off to drink a lot of something, to drink a lot of something usually at once wypić jednym haustem
  • Adam drank off a bottle of beer at once.
332 gamble away to spend your money carelessly, usually on gambling roztrownić, przepuścić, przegrać, przegrać pieniądze
  • Adam gambled away everything he'd won.
333 send out to make someone leave wyrzucać, wysyłać za drzwi
  • The teacher sent Adam out of the classroom.