# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
824 fess up  to admit that you have done something wrong, to admit that you have done something wrong (informal) przyznawać się, przyznawać się (potocznie)
  • Fess up or we'll all be caught.
825 flow in to come in, to be received napływać, wpływać
  • Condolence messages are still flowing in.
826 flow over to be ineffective, to be ineffective about persuasion, to be ineffective about arguments spływać po, spływać po kimś
  • All my arguments just flowed over Magdalena.
827 crib from to copy something dishonestly from someone else or a written source, usually in a test, exam, etc. ściągać od, ściągać z, zrzynać od, zrzynać z
  • He cribbed all the answers from Bush.
828 cast away to get rid of, to have no relationship any more odrzucać, wyrzekać się
  • She cast away her old friends like used toys.