# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
829 stomp on to put one nadepnąć, przydeptać, pokonać, pobić kogoś
  • An old lady stomped on my foot and cussed me out.
830 use up to use till there zużywać, konsumować
  • I used up all of the shampoo.
831 pine away  to become very weak and thin, especially because of sorrow marnieć, umierać ze smutku, umierać z rozpaczy
  • Marek died of fever and Ewa pined away soon after.
832 pitch out to make someone leave, to make someone leave - usually by forcing them to do so (informal) wyrzucać, wywalać, wywalać kogoś, wywalać kogoś (potocznie)
  • He was pitched out of office last year after a series of blunders.
833 pitch into to grab sth, to start doing sth eagerly rzucic się na coś
  • I was pitched into the water and swam ashore.