# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
640 gad about to travel aimlessly, to travel aimlessly for pleasure podróżować dla przyjemności, włóczyć się, szwendać się
  • They gad about Asia and send me postcards from almost every place they visit.
721 see about to ask about something, to make arrangements dowiadywać się, pytać, umawiać się
  • Excuse me, I must see about the arrangements for lunch.
758 flutter about to move with quick, often nervous movements trzepotać, trzepotać się, nerwowo się miotać, krzątać
  • Photo of fluttering about the flame azalea.
760 gallivant about to move about enjoying oneself odwiedzić miejsce dla zabawy
  • Do you can just gallivant about for the rest of your life?
763 hang about to waste time, to spend time with no purpose obijać się
  • She's so annoying hanging about when there's a lot of work to do.