# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
764 look about to look at things, a place, etc. as if in order to find something rozglądać się
  • Man looking about computer graphic, stamp, animated sticker, for creativity and artistic fun.
769 moan about to complain about narzekać na, skarżyć się na, jęczeć, jęczeć z powodu
  • Moaning about the weather is quite ridiculous.
770 mooch about to spend time doing nothing snuć się, wałęsać bez celu
  • She's been mooching about for night.
773 poke about to look for something to try to get to know something szukać, węszyć, dowiadywać się
  • Magdalena's always poking about - it's not safe to tell her anything.
906 fall about to move unsteadily to be unable to control laughter zataczać się, nie móc powstrzymać się od śmiechu
  • There is a man falling about in the street.