# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
123 go ahead proceed rozpoczynać
  • We can't go ahead with the project without her.
537 loom ahead to appear, to appoach in a threatening way nadciągać, zbliżać się, zbliżać się o czymś negatywnym
  • Difficult weeks are looming ahead.
634 see ahead to plan the future, to forsee the future planować przyszłość, przewidywać
  • I think perhaps how far you can see ahead may be a better indicator.
697 put ahead to move something to an earlier date, to move an event to an earlier date przełożyć coś na wcześniejszy termin
  • We shall have to put the meeting ahead because of the holiday next week.
744 think ahead to think about the future rozważać przyszłość, planować
  • She is smart and intuitive and she always thinks ahead.