# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
739 stick around to stay in the area pozostawać w pobliżu
  • I'll stick around you.
780 monkey around to play, often in a foolish or uncontrolled way błaznować, wydurniać się
  • Last time we were monkeying around in the trainer's room, and we uncovered something.
924 poke around to look for something in a rather secret way węszyć, myszkować
  • The boys have been poking around here.
927 pace around to move restlessly and anxiously about a place, to move restlessly or anxiously about a place chodzić w tę i z powrotem, niespokojnie chodzić, niespokojnie chodzić po pomieszczeniu
  • Mark couldn't sleep, so he paced around all night.
1005 shop around to shop at different stores to find what you want at the best price chodzić po sklepach
  • You can find a bargain, but you'll have to shop around.