# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
1 aim at intend, drive at dążyć do czegoś, być skierowanym na coś
  • Most of his e-books are aimed at teenager readers.
  • Police reforms should aim at greater accountability of police to people.
174 laugh at to show amusement because someone or something is funny śmiać się z czegoś
  • Kazakhs don't laugh at 'Ali G'.
184 look at look przyglądać się, patrzeć
  • Mark, what are you looking at?
338 swipe at to try to hit something zamachnąć się
  • Adam swiped at Luis, but he succeeded in getting off the attacker's way.
346 play at to do sth for pleasure, not treating it seriously zabawiać się, nie traktować poważnie
  • Luis's only playing at being a musician he's got lots of other possibilities.