# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
490 carry away be very excited być zachwyconym
  • They were all carried away by last performance.
497 tick away to pass, to pass of time mijać, tykać, tykać - czas
  • Time is ticking away.
543 fling away to get rid of something to waste sth wyrzucać coś, marnować
  • Magdalena flung her old desk away, which made her mother angry.
549 flake away to fall off in flakes, that is, in small pieces odpadać, łuszczyć się
  • I can remember that when Adam repainted Magdalena's room the paint soon started to flake away.
554 burn away to burn something till nothing is left wypalać, wypalać się, dopalać się
  • Why not burn those extra calories away?