# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
628 toil away to work very hard mozolić się, harować
  • Somewhere in Japan teams of engineers were toiling away at what they thought people wanted in a digital video.
644 blunder away to waste something, usually because of lack of skill or efficient action zmarnować coś, zmarnować coś przez nieudolność
  • Big man Taylor takes blame for blundering away opportunity.
676 back away to move back, usually in order to alow space cofać się
  • That's the main reason why most people backed away from those stinky and dangerous conspiracy theorists.
679 make away to leave quickly uciec, wymknąć się, szybko wyjść
  • The burglars made away with all their jewelry.
696 vanish away to disappear znikać, zanikać
  • The pizza vanished away in no time at all.