# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
701 wipe away to remove something such as dirt or traces with a piece of cloth, hand, etc. ścierać, wycierać
  • I pick up her napkin and gently wipe the smear away because I realize she hasn't felt it there.
714 explain away to give reasons for and make excuses about what happened wyjaśniać, tłumaczyć, usprawiedliwiać
  • He didn't yell, but he started to explain away it, said that it maybe just was teenage hormons.
725 talk away to speak without an end, to spend time talking mówić bez końca
  • Yesterday we talked the whole night away.
778 dash away to run quickly with a purpose popędzić, pognać
  • He dashed away in order to catch the bus.
785 plug away to work hard ciężko pracować
  • You can make a lot of progress when you plug away like that!