# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
185 look back to remember something, to think about past events spoglądać w przeszłość
  • When I look back, I have to say that I don't regret anything in my life.
215 pay back to return money to do something as a response or reward oddać dług
  • I will pay you back next month. Is that OK?
233 put back return something to the proper place odłożyć na miejsce
  • Remember to put back the DVDs when you don't listen to them.
234 put back put something back where it belongs cofać wskazówki zegara, przestawiać godzinę
  • Remember to put back your watch when you'll land in New York.
253 ring back to make a telephone call to someone who called you beforehand zadzwonić ponownie
  • He can't talk at the moment, can you ring back later?