# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
616 feed back to give information back to where it originated udzielać informacji zwrotnej
  • Both devices feed back information about your body's condition.
637 kick back to kick someone who kicked one before to kick a ball to someone who kicked it before oddać komuś kopniaka, kopnąć coś z powrotem do kogoś
  • If the horse does kicks you kick him back, but only the instant it happens.
650 claw back to get back with effort odzyskać z trudem
  • He's also trying to legally claw his money back.
655 edge back to move backwards, to withdraw cofać się rakiem
  • Here a man went down screaming; there another began to edge back.
656 flash back to remember something suddenly nagle coś sobie przypomnieć
  • Today I saw her, and for a second my mind flashed back to what could have been.