# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
657 fling back to throw back, to return sth by flinging odrzucić, odrzucić z powrotem, rzucić z powrotem
  • Did you fling back the ball to Roger?
662 hang back to hesitate, to be unwilling to make a decision or to do anything wahać się z podjęciem decyzji, trzymać się z boku
  • Magdalena hung back before giving the answer.
667 talk back to answer, usually rudely odpowiadać
  • Never talk back to your Boss.
674 send back to make someone or something return odsyłać
  • This form must be filled out completely in order for us to send you the book.
675 think back to remember, to recall przypominać sobie
  • When I think back to my childhood, I'm just glad that I'm not there anymore.