# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
749 flag down to stop by waving your hand, to stop a taxi by waving your hand zatrzymać machając ręką, zatrzymać taksówkę machając ręką
  • He flagged down a taxi.
777 gulp down to swallow rapidly to eat or drink quickly połykać, połykać jedzenie, szybko jeść lub pić
  • Trevor had gulped down her lunch and worked on her pad.
801 water down to add water to another liquid to diminish an effect rozcieńczyć, rozwodnić, osłabić efekt
  • They must have watered down the beer! It tastes like water!
810 wash down to swallow or eat quickly, to drink something in order to swallow food przełknąć jedzenie, popijać jedzenie
  • He washed the cake down with coffee.
839 boil down to cook so that the food becomes smaller in quantity to become smaller as a result of cooking wygotowywać, wygotowywać się
  • The 90 mins suggested wasn't long enough to boil the sauce down to a good consistency, but I had to serve it anyway.