# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
372 copy down to copy spmething that someone else has written przepisać, skopiować
  • The teacher told us to copy down new Spanish words from the book.
391 leave down to keep something low or in a low position zostawić w dole, zostawić np. ściszony dźwięk lub słabe światło
  • I left the TV down because the kids were falling asleep.
402 snuggle down to cover someone carefully with a quilt, to cover someone carefully with a quilt blanket opatulić się, opatulić się kołdrą, przykryć się
  • When I go to bed at night and snuggle down in my dreams I feel lighter in my heart.
408 be down be ill with być chorym
  • Adam is down with the flu.
425 back down not follow a threat zrezygnować, wycofać się
  • Adam was going to call the police when I told him I'd wrecked his car, but he backed down when I said I'd pay for the damage.