# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
439 cool down become calm uspokoić się
  • Learn how to cool down properly to recover faster and avoid injury.
468 stand down to resign from a position/job ustąpić, wycofać się
  • Darren Hughes has been stood down from his portfolios while a police investigation into him is completed.
475 burn down become destroyed by fire, become consumed by fire spalić się, zniszczyć przez pożar
  • They also blow up oil pipelines, burn down police stations and dare the government to go after them.
481 wear down to make somebody weaker or tired wycieńczyć, ściąć z nóg
  • When I'm worn down, I take a nap.
485 call down reprimand dać naganę
  • The teacher called Adam down for insubordination.