# Word Explanation Translation Sentences Categories Media
34 care for take care of, supply care to, attend, watch opiekować się, troszczyć
  • She cares for her younger brother.
  • Magda's father got out of the hospital last week. The family is caring for him at home.
83 fall for be attracted to somebody, fall in love zakochać się
  • Mark fell for Ann just when he saw her.
85 feel for you have sympathy for them or feel sad because they are suffering współczuć
  • I feel for kids who are homeless.
151 head for to go in a particular direction iść, jechać w określonym kierunku, zmierzać do
  • That road heads for the airport.
187 look for to try to find something, to search for szukać
  • I'm looking for a flat to rent. Do you know of any in this area?